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Русские Альянс народной армии (Pronounced Russkie Alʹyans narodnoĭ armii )

The Russian Alliance People's Army is a Radical peace-keeping group that plays a major role as antagonists on 21down 2. They were originally created to stop major threats against the Russian Government, and eliminate officials who became dangerously corrupt. They are now antagonists because they recently had a change of command as their former Head of Command, Xavier Pretuchkevich, died of respiratory failure, their second in command Alexi Rochev took his place. Being a former Soviet Officer, Rochev brought the R.A.P.A. into a more violent, public , out-of-the-shadows type organization. They have 3 classes; R.A.P.A. Special Forces, R.A.P.A. Soldiers, and R.A.P.A. Officers. There weapons load-out is: AK-74MSD, AKS-74USD, AEK-971, T-54 Tokarev, PP-80RAR, 9A-91, AK-47, Winchester-883.

Their voice clips are:

'Ublyudok, priĭti i dratʹsya so mnoĭ!' 

(Bastard, come and fight me!)

'Drugih! Ukrytʹsya v ubezhishche, podvinʹsya!' 

(Hostiles! Take cover, Move!)

'Dlya matushki-Rossii!' 

(For Mother Russia!)

And others.