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The CNSPAK is the first enemy faction you will face in 21Down, as they are encountered in the levels Here We Go Again, The Reckoning, and Sniper! as CNSPAK soldiers, and The Depot and City By The Bridge as Korean Mercenaries. They carry a variety of weapons:

AK-47, QBZ-95(T-95), RPD, PKM LMG, Dragunov SVD,T-54 (Tokarev), RPG, AK-74M, AKS-74U, SKS-M, UZI, Mini UZI, HK-21, M-6DMR, QSZ-92, ME-12, MP-5A3, and GP-30.

Their voice clips are

Jenjang, naega maj-ass-eoyo:

(Damn it, i've been hit!)



ppal-a lideu, babo gat-eun migug-in!:

(Suck lead, stupid Americans!)

And others...